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About Hannah's Fund

Hannah's Fund was created in memory of Hannah-Kate Lindfield.

Hannah passed away peacefully at home on 25 November 2014 surrounded by her family, friends and her beloved guide dog ‘Bella’. Hannah had a medical condition called Pfeiffer Syndrome which amongst many other things affected her sight and hearing.


Her family set up Hannah's Fund, in her name, to offer psychotherapy for people with facial differences caused by Craniosynostosis and for their families. Hannah felt very strongly that people and young people in particular, like her, needed support to help with the challenges of looking different and how this impacted on their quality of life. 

Our Mission

Meet Hannah

From birth, Hannah bravely and without complaint, faced numerous surgical procedures.  


Her artwork captures some of her early operations in Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), where she went through  over 120 general anaesthetics during her 23 years. Undaunted, thanks to the art therapy and the education department at GOSH, Hannah completed a significant proportion of her Advanced Level art course from a hospital bed on Tiger Ward and still managed to gain an A*.


Hannah built a close relationship with a wonderful lady called Alba Chapman who supported her to write her life story.  Hannah wanted to give inspiration and hope to those facing similar challenges. In January 2016 a huge fundraising event organised by the very special staff at the National Neurological Hospital, Queen’s Square raised the funds to provide support for families with children with the same condition as Hannah and to enable the publication of Hannah's book  ‘Invisible Struggle’ which provides a compelling account of her life. The book is available today on this website.

Hannah at work.jpg

Hannah's Art

Hannah was often in-and-out of hospital, and art was of huge importance to her:

“Art allows me to communicate my emotions and fears to doctors and loved ones, and it acts as therapy to get myself through difficult and painful times...I discovered the power of art as a coping mechanism and realised I could help others through issues they face in their lives.”


Hannah so recognised the benefits that creating art gave her in her life that she attended an Art Therapy group, volunteering to help others.

Our ethos is that we aim to provide the support that makes a difference to someone's life at the time it is needed the most. 

Our Trustees.

Our trustees are a passionate group of people made up of members of Hannah's family and people who knew and supported them all when Hannah was alive. All of them are dedicated to ensuring that Hannah's hope that other young people like herself would always have someone to help them 

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