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Annie Shannon

The Lindfield clan have been part of my life for over twenty years now. And gosh that sounds like a long time when I reflect back!


I struggle to find the words to describe this incredible family and the events and experiences we have shared. So many beautiful memories; fun-filled days on boats and rivers, and picnics – always picnics! Mad dogs everywhere and definitely mud! And at the centre of this was a girl who endured so much, physically and emotionally, that you felt humble around her.  It was easy sometimes, amidst the laughter, to forget her struggles but Hannah’s words ring loud to this day; “you walk through air, I walk through water”


Her strength and determination continue to have a profound effect on me.  But it’s not just Hannah’s’ strength that is there to be admired. Hannah was part of a family, and that strength runs through.


When Hannah's mother approached me about becoming a trustee I can truly say I felt honoured. It is a privilege to be asked to play a small part in something so special. Providing psychological support, not just to those experiencing facial differences but also their family, is so needed, so necessary and so much a legacy of Hannah. 

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