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Our Purpose

To provide the relief of suffering and the preservation of good health of children, young people and adults affected by Craniosynostosis. We do this by providing financial support to enable access to psychotherapy sessions to help deal with any psychological issues connected with the condition.


You can apply for support using the form below. Before doing so, please familiarise yourself with the below. 


Hannah's Fund's aim is always to achieve the following:


1. Hannah’s Fund will provide support for any person affected by Craniosynostosis 


2. Any age will be considered but priority will be given to the 11 to 21 age group (as this was very important to Hannah)


3. Hannah’s Fund will endeavour to always continue support to current clients where the priority need is linked to Craniosynostosis.


4. Hannah's Fund will also provide support to people affected by being a relative or within the peer group of the individual with facial differences.


5. The service is nationwide but will depend on the availability of a psychotherapist.


4. No financial assessment is required. The  cost of the psychotherapy sessions is covered by Hannah’s Fund. We regret no other costs can be covered (eg travel).


5. The psychotherapy sessions will NOT be limited, however after 8 sessions a review will need to take place. If for any reason we have more people seeking support than we can fund the ordered criteria above will apply.

Additional Information


It is possible to undertake the psychotherapy sessions via Microsoft Teams.


Please note we are a small charity with limited funds but with our fundraising we are continuing to grow and hope to always be able to offer support to applicants matching our criteria.

If you were looking for different support - see our Useful Contacts page.

Apply for Support

Email to:



Post to:


Psychology Associates

41-43 Lower Fore Street


PL12 6JQ

Thanks for submitting!

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