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More of Hannah's Poems

I have Found Art Again

My mind is blank
There's dust on my paintbrushes
And bare canvases piled against the wall

A switch turns on
My mind is overflowing
I have to draw

I know the inspiration will come and go
Like autumn leaves
Like a tide coming in and going out

But I am painting on

A Boat Called Prudence

A boat beneath the Sunny Sky
Dreaming as the world goes by

Even when it drifts down the stream
Life is nothing but a dream

Who Needs Boys

Who needs boys?
I say "No one needs boys"

They just bring drama and strife
No one need them, to have a good time

When you get involved with them
You wish it would end

So I say "Boys, who needs them?"


Life is an opportunity, benefit from it
Life is beauty, admire it
Life is a dream, realise it
Life is a challenge, meet it
Life is a duty, fulfil it
Life is a game, play it
Life is a promise, keep it
Life is a sorrow, overcome it
Life is a song, sing it
Life is a struggle, accept it
Life is an adventure, dare it
Life is luck, make it
Life is precious, do not destroy it
Life can be a burden, confront it

Hold my Breath

I hold my breath, when they say they can't operate no more.
I hold my breath.
I should have no more sorrow, this is my chance to live.
I will breathe now knowing I will eventually take my last.
"I'm ready"


Her smile can light up a room

Her presence is of grace

Her opinions are expressed by a look on her face

Her touch is gentle

Her heart is as big as the moon

Her spirit kind and warm as a summer's day

Her hair streams of silver

Her eyes radiant as the sun

Her kisses soft

Her hugs I favour from the rest

Granny is mine, forever and ever

A Dream

I am dreaming to shoot to the moon

What if I miss?

Can I be a star?

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