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Gary Burdock of Discovery Martial Arts Academy Supporting Hannah's Fund

Discovery Martial Arts Academy chose Hannah's Fund as their charity to support in 2023/4. In 2024 Gary Burdock who runs the Academy is personally raising money in aid of Hannah's Fund. He is running a 50k Ultra Marathon on 24th February and the Plymouth Half Marathon in April 2024. Thank you so much Gary!

If you want to support Gary you can donate here.

Discovery Martial Arts Academy teaches the martial art of TaekwonDo which is suitable for every age, gender, shape and size.  The Academy teaches the techniques, philosophy and ethics of traditional ITF TaekwonDo with their expert instructors helping you develop a solid TaekwonDo base that sharpens your skills, give you power, speed, flexibility, spirit, and mental and physical agility for life.

T: 07738206163 / E:

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