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Punch Maughan 

I have been a Trustee of Hannah’s Fund since the charity began. I am Hannah’s first cousin once removed or something complicated like that - much more importantly she is the daughter of my cousin Milli and her husband Mark - people we also consider our best friends.


Our families have always been closely entwined - my eldest son was born just weeks before Hannah, my daughter within months of Hannah’s sister. Having Hannah in our midst growing up with a huge wealth of siblings and cousins around her was something that has shaped all our lives. I know my own children have done things they would never have done because of Hannah, they were touched by her example and friendship in so many ways. One of the main reasons why my daughter is now a nurse is because she watched the remarkable team of people within the NHS support Hannah throughout her life.


At the celebration of life that was held following Hannah leaving us I read a poem I had written entitled The Brave One. Hannah’s Fund is about helping other young people to be brave and I am very proud to be part of helping to take Hannah’s legacy forward. 

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